Protect Her. (Motherland)

$25.00 USD
Protect Her. (Motherland)

A re-imagining of the current "Protect" series, this piece stands as a tribute to the land that birthed civilization. Most of everything that we know and experience in this world, including human life can be traced back to the continent known as Africa. To this day there are still unanswered questions as to nature of innovations achieved by the ancestors of this land in science, mathematics and engineering, as well as the understanding of spirituality.

Hand printed on 100% ringspun cotton shirts.
Side seam fit.
Each piece is printed in Detroit, MI, USA.

*All pieces unless noted are made to order, so please allow 5-7 business days for your order to be shipped.*

Unisex Size Chart (Chest To Fit)

S: 34"-37"
M: 38"-41"
L: 42"-45"
XL: 46"-49"
XXL: 50"-53"
XXXL: 54"-57"

Women's Size Chart (Fit Sizes)

S: 2-4
M: 6-8
L: 8-10
XL: 10-14