Some Days (Pullover Hoodie)

$55.00 USD
Some Days (Pullover Hoodie)

We all have two sides.

Depending on your mood, one can be more dominant than the other, but regardless it's still you.  Using Malcolm X as the subject of this design, his life had two parts, one as numbers runner and a hustler nicknamed "Detroit Red", the other as a minister and a leader of a movement that would come to shape generations.  Though his past was marked with trials and tribulations, Malcolm never strayed away from his past even as he grew in spirit, in fact he would use his past quite often in his speeches, giving examples to those who listened that growth is possible even in your darkest times.  It's understanding that both sides can create a balance and acknowledging both acknowledges your true self. 


Hand printed on 65% cotton/25% recycled polyester/10% polyester fleece.
Side seam fit.
Each piece is printed in Detroit, MI, USA.

*All pieces unless noted are made to order, so please allow 5-7 business days for your order to be shipped.*

Size Chart

S: 19.5
M: 21.5
L: 23.5
XL: 25.5
XXL: 27.5

S: 27
M: 28
L: 29
XL: 30
XXL: 31

S: 31.5
M: 32
L: 32.5
XL: 33
XXL: 34.5